11+ Resources

For those Year 5 parents who are considering the Kent 11+ Tests for your children, Mr Purton and Mrs Hammond have compiled some resource packs for you to look at and work through with your children during this period of time at home. 

In addition to this, there have been requests for activities linked to the Maths Curriculum that will help to address the areas of the curriculum that have been missed before the tests. Of course, these gaps will be caught up  during the course of Year 6, but with the 11+ test normally scheduled for September, this will not be able to be covered before these are sat. 

So,Mr. Purton has attached below files that cover the curriculum from the end of term 4 until the end of the summer term 6. Whilst activities will be set by the Year 5 team on their website pages, this shows the progression of these areas, and shows a clear roadmap of what your child would have been taught in school. 

If you have any queries, please contact Mr. Purton or Mrs. Hammond.


Term 4 - Decimals and Percentages

Term 5 - Decimals

Term 5 - Properties of Shape

Term 5 - Position and Direction

Term 6 - Conversions of Measurement

Term 6 - Volume (To follow)