Year 6

Covid-19 Coronavirus Closure Work - Keep Checking for further updates

Due to the circumstances that have meant school has had to close, we will be posting weekly work on this page until we are able to resume school at a normal level. 

Alongside this learning, children will be set tasks on the following websites:

It is vital that although your children are not in school they are still completing the work that is set. Although SATs have been cancelled by the government, there are still large chunks of the Year 6 curriculum that need to be covered to ensure your child is ready for secondary school. 

If you require your child's login details then please contact one of us, and we are more than happy to send through the information that you need. 

Mr. Purton -

Mrs. Chapman -

Thank you for your cooperation, and we hope it won't be long until we see you again!

Mr Purton and Mrs Chapman


Week 2 - wb 30th March 2020

Hi all, we hope you're managing with the learning we've set you from last week! It's been good to see so many of you completing tasks on Purple Mash! These will continue this week, so if you haven't had a chance to do them yet, you still can!!

As we would have been breaking up for the Easter Holidays next week, we have only set a few activities to keep you going for the first part of the week. Please continue to use the workbook that was attached as part of Week 1's activities to supplement any tasks we have set.

Year 6 Resource Pack

Year 6 Home Practical Activities Pack


 For maths next week, please complete the following maths 'projects'! These will test your knowledge from some of the units of work we have covered already this year - so you should be able to solve them! 

Also, keep checking the school twitter - everyday I am posting a new maths puzzle! 

It's good to see you playing TT Rockstars, there will be some battle starting over the weekend ready for next week. 

The Mystery of the Contaminated Chocolate Activity

Algebra Consolidation Puzzle Pack




For English this week, please complete the following SPAG and reading activities:


Reading Comprehension - Jacob The Great

Daily Starter Activity! 

SPAG Activities - Relative Pronouns

                             - SPAG Practice

Remember as well, it is important to keep reading! If you are struggling for new books you can find hundreds of different audiobooks at the following links: - 1000s of ebooks free with a 30 day trial!


Other Activities: 

There are still a range of foundation subjects available for completion on Purple Mash, and will be more added over the next couple of days ready for you to complete next week. Remember, our expectations for the quality of work are the same as if we were in the classroom! 

Also, here are some other activities you could complete! Please email any photos of work/entries to us so we can see what you have produced! 

- Create a fact file about an Animal of your choice. (Include habitat, variants of species, level of endangerment, etc)

- Write a book review for a book you have read recently - I'll upload the best ones on to the amazon review page for the books!

- Follow one (or more!) of these Disney drawing tutorials! Send us your finished sketch!


- Ethics - Write a response to the following issue:

- Learn a new language at! It's free and its a great skill to have before you go to secondary school! 


We hope you enjoy these tasks, look forward to seeing the finished products! Remember you can submit writing on Purple Mash using the 2Write program, or by emailing either Mr Purton or Mrs Chapman! 

Stay Safe!


Week 1- wb.23.3.20

Maths - Ratio and Proportion

This week our maths learning is on ratio and proportion! At the following link you will find the lesson tutorial videos and the 5 lessons for the week. Each day, watch the tutorial and complete the activity that is linked to it.

To consolidate your knowledge and to apply it further, the following links are activities in the same format as we normally use in class in Maths. Please also complete these at the appropriate level. The different coloured stars in the corner of the activity represent the level (red = mild, blue=spicy, yellow=hot)

Day 1 - Introduction to Ratio

Day 2 - Ratios and Fractions

Day 3 - Introducing the Ratio Symbol

Day 4 - Calculating Ratio

Day 5 - Using Scale Factors

Please also use TT Rockstars to support your maths learning this week!!



As we have had to cut short our learning about the Hunger Games text, please watch the film if you are able and have been self-isolating. Also, if you enjoy it, feel free to watch the following sequels (although make sure you have your parents permission). 

Please read regularly and continue to range a variety of different styles of genres and authors. - 1000s of ebooks available with a 30 day free trial. 

We would like you to complete some SPAG activities throughout the week to keep your knowledge up to date. 

Each day please complete one of these daily starter activities and daily SPAG lesson. 

Week 1 Starter Activities


Day 1 - Homophones

Day 2 - Missing Words

Day 3 - Metaphors

Day 4 - Parentheses

Day 5 - Semi Colons


We have also attached the following work pack. These activities are a range of Reading, SPAG and Maths activities that range from revision to new content. Please also dip into these activities to supplement learning. We will continue to update these activities whilst we are not in school. 


Year 6 Resource Pack

Year 6 Home Practical Activities Pack


Foundation Subjects

On Purple Mash, there are some activities that are relating to Science, History, Geography and RE. We don't expect you to complete these all this week, but they are ongoing activities that will need to be completed in the next few weeks. Please when you have completed them, submit the work on Purple Mash, so that it can be marked and feedback can be given. 


On Purple Mash we would like you to create a blog about your time at home with your family, which you can update as the days go on. Using the Purple Mash website tools, select 2Blog, then follow the instructions on the video tutorial to create your blogpost! We will be able to see everyone's posts, and can keep up to date with each other. We will also be updating our own posts, documenting what life is like at school without you! 


As you are at home, it is vital to stay active!! Starting Monday, Joe Wicks will be running a daily fitness session on his youtube channel called PE by Joe. This is a session that is about 30minutes long, and will be at 9am daily. A great way to start the day and keep active!!

You can find the videos on his channel by searching for The Body Coach TV.

 Also, Greenacre Sports have created a PE activity pack that can be found here. See how many challenges you can achieve while you're off school!


Why not try and learn a new language? is a free app/website where you can learn a range of languages! You could top up on some of our French learning, or try something new! 


Lastly, please also make sure you spend time with your family and play board games and enjoy each other's company! 








Terms 3 & 4 Topics

In term 3&4 we will be learning about London in our topic lessons. This topic will explore the history of London from it's early Roman routes all the way to modern day. We will cover geography with an in depth study of the River Thames from source to mouth, and learn about the Greenwich Meridian line. Our English will link to our topic, and in Term 3 we will study the text 'The London Eye Mystery' by Siobhan Dowd, and in term 4 will explore 'Mortal Engines' by Phillip Reeve. 

In Science, we will continue to learn about Evolution and Inheritance, and move on to learn about the human body, particularly the heart, lungs and blood, and the impact of a healthy lifestyle. In maths, we will be looking at comparing decimals, fractions and percentages, algebra, ratio and proportion and measurement. 


Term 1 Topics

For the first 2 terms we will be focusing on World Wars, encompassing the history of the periods, learning not only about the facts of the war, but also life at home, including personal stories and the effect of the war on the local area. Children are usually keen to retell stories from older relatives and also to bring in artefacts, photos, letters etc. If you are happy for them to do so, this definitely enriches the experience and we promise to take good care of them!

For Science – in term 1  – we will be focusing on Electricity. The children will learn through practical investigation and research.


Welcome Back!

We hope you have had a lovely time over the summer and we are sure you are now ready to start the new school year, so welcome to Year 6! Mr. Purton and Mrs. Chapman are looking forward to getting to know you and working together so that we have a very exciting and productive year. We hope that you enjoy the new challenges and preparation for secondary school that year 6 has to offer.  

We will be holding a parents meeting on Monday 16th September to discuss the exciting events and expectations of year 6! All children are very welcome!

Useful Websites 

We recommend the following website to support your children with the first term of Year 6. Please click on the links to visit the page:

Interactive World War One Activities

BBC Bitesize Electricity Key Stage 2

Topmarks Maths

Interactive English Games



Below are the list of year 6 spellings for the year. Please use them to support your children with their English.




















































General Reminders 

  • The class doors will be open from 8.45-9.00am. If your child arrives after this time, please take them to the school office. (School telephone number 01322 663792)
  • The school day ends at 3.15pm. If you are unable to collect your child, please telephone the school office.
  • In year 6 many children begin to walk home from school alone or with friends, we are happy for them to do so (as long as you are!) please could you write us a note if you would like this to happen,
  • The children will be doing PE on Monday and Friday. However, sometimes plans change, so we would ask that children have their PE kit in school everyday please. For the colder months this can include jogging bottoms.
  • Please make sure your child’s water bottle is in school every day and that their name is written clearly on the bottle. Please provide children with a pencil case containing handwriting pen, pencil, whiteboard pen, coloured pens/pencils, rubber, ruler, glue stick and sharpener.
  • Home learning will continue to be given out on Thursday and is to be returned by Tuesday please.