Year 4

Mandela Class

Mrs Fleming & Mrs Potter/ Miss Farrow

Austen Class

Miss Smith & Mrs P/Mrs St.Clair

Nightingale Class

Mr Brown & Mrs Mallon


Online Learning

Although your children are not in school, we would love to see what you are doing at home and how you are completing the learning set by your teachers.  We are aware that everyone's circumstances and access to equipment or resources differs and endeavour to provide a wide range to suit.  

We have provided your children with all of their login details. However, if you require your child's login details then please contact one of us, and we are more than happy to send through the information that you need. 



Term 6

Well done to you all for your amazing effort and resilience during such unsettling times. We are all so proud of you!

Keep up the hard work for Term 6!


Monday Monday Answers

Tuesday Tuesday Answers

Wednesday Wednesday Answers

Thursday Thursday Answers

Video Links for Tutorials

Useful Links for Maths: - click the option of multiplication, year 4. Can you challenge yourself by trying 5 seconds? - maths bingo. 

SPaG - included here are lots of activities and tests for you to do! If you need your login details please email your teacher! 

Week 8 SPaG

Monday - work sheet

Tuesday - work sheet

Wednesday - work sheet

Thursday - work sheet


Week 8 Spellings


coldest, longest, oldest, richest smallest, tallest, bravest, safest.


board, bored, by, buy, bye, flew, flu, fair, fare.


supermarket, superstar, supervise, supervision, superimpose, anticlockwise, antibiotics, antisocial.

What pattern can you notice with your spellings? Can this help you with your spellings?



While at home, you must be keeping active! Excitingly, Joe Wicks will be doing a virtual PE lesson every morning Monday - Friday at 9am, for 30 minutes. Find these on The Body Coach TV on YouTube. A fantastic way to keep active! 

Sign up for free -  Daily indoor mind and body exercise - videos to watch and workout with!I-MOVES

Here are some PE activity cards to keep you busy and moving at home.


During learning from home, it is important that you take time to be mindful and keep active. Please use some of these websites/videos to help keep you moving. REMEMBER! Keep belly breathing in situations when you might flip your lid!

Twinkl is a fantastic website, full of resources you can now access for free, using the code - UKTWINKLHELPS. Twinkl can be used for maths, English, Topic and Science.


Useful Links:

Alongside this learning, children will be set tasks on the following websites: - 1000s of books can be found here, with a free subscription for the first 30 days.



Year 4 - Poetry Day

Term 3 and 4

Down by the river - Ancient Egypt

This term we are taking a trip down the River Nile, we will be looking at the Ancient Egyptian way of life. Closely investigating artefacts from this era thinking about how and when they would be used. We will be researching the importance of the River Nile to the Ancient Egyptians and the many uses it had for them.


Term 1 and 2

Under Attack- Invaders, Traders & Settlers

We will look at artefacts from this era to help us immerse ourselves into Anglo-Saxon Britain. We get a feel for the lives, ideas and priorities of the rich and poor. How did they shape and influence Britain?

We have had a fantastic term learning all about the Vikings and their way of life. We began with a fabulous start of a mysterious Viking, Eric the Silver, invading the school and teaching us the ways of the Viking. We ended our term by dressing up and lived a day in the life of a Viking. We prepared and cooked soup which we cooked on a traditional Viking fire. Viking long ships were the way that Vikings travelled from Scandinavia to England to invade, we even made our own long ships!




Paul Sturgess wowed year 4 today.  He taught us how to use a growth mindset.

At 7ft 7 , he is an expert on growth!

Don’t forget, Home Learning is given out on a Thursday and is due in on a Tuesday. It is an expectation that all children complete the tasks set within this time. If children wish to complete it in school, they can attend Home Learning Club on Friday lunchtime. This frees up the weekend!

General Reminders

  • The children will be doing PE on Tuesday and Thursday. However, sometimes plans change, so we would ask that children have their PE kit in school every day please. For the colder months this can include jogging bottoms.

  • Please make sure your child’s water bottle is in school every day and that their name is written clearly on the bottle. Please provide children with a SOFT pencil case containing: 2x glue stick, 2x pencils, 2x handwriting pens, 2x pink biros ,2x purple biros,2x green biros, 2x whiteboard pens, a few coloured pens or pencils, and sharpener.