Year 1

Welcome to our Year One group webpage!

The Year One Team:

Dickens Class taught by Miss Sutton & Miss Bragg

Earhart Class taught by Miss Field & Mrs Phillips

Churchill Class taught by Miss Magnus, Mrs McDonnell & Mrs Burke


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Term 3


We continue our Learning Journey with our topic

'Same Sky Different Day’  


Do you know any key explorers?

During this learning experience, we will be exploring great sea hourneys, with a focus for the South Pole.


Can you name any everyday materials?

During this learning experience, we will explore a variety of different materials and describe some of their simple physical properties. 


Can you name and locate 7 continents and oceans?

We will be using an atalas and globes to identify, locate and name the seven continents and five oceans.


This term the children will be focusing on place value (within 20), adding and subtracting 1-digit and 2 digit numbers to 20. The children will also be given opportunities to build doubles using real objects and mathematical equipment.

Numbots TT Rockstars


During our English lessons this term, we will be exploring our new book ‘ Lost & Found' By Oliver Jeffers. There once was a boy and one day a penguin arrives on his doorstop. The boy decides the penguin must be lost and tries to return him but no one seems to be missing a penguin. The boy desiced to take the penguin home, and they set out in his row boat on a jounrey to the South pole.

Why did the penguin arrive at his door? Is is really lost?

Please continue to hear your child read regularly at home, both their school reading book, and a book just for enjoyment.

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Stunning Start

Where did this penguin come from?

What has arrived in our classroom? Where has it come from?

Why is it here?

We will be exploring where the penguin came from.

Fabulous Finish


We will be sharing our fabulous stories in a story telling afteroon with the year 6 children. 


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