Welcome to Reception!

Welcome to the Reception pages. We are Wren class taught by Mrs Thomas and Mrs Baldock, Victoria class taught by Mrs Endersby, Mrs Hollands and Miss Richards and Cook class taught by Miss Sutton and Miss Butler.


 Term 5  

What a fantastic day we had at Godstone Farm! We met lots of animals like Lola the chicken and Crunchie the guinea-pig, and we fed lots of hungry ducks. We finished our day by exploring the park and having a yummy lolly!





Term 4

Curriculum week has been great fun. The children have taken part in some amazing activities and have really enjoyed learning about rockets, space and how to take care of an alien!


Victoria Class were visited by Zog alien. 





Wren Class were visited by Twinksey alien.





Bobly alien visited Cook Class.    






Welcome back to Term 4.

Today was World Book Day! Everyone looked amazing in their costumes. We had a great day reading different stories and talking about our favourite books and characters.





We buddied up with children from Year 6 who read us stories from the library.







Term 3

All the Reception classes have new role play areas. Victoria class have a rocket. Wren class have an aeroplane and  Cook class have a circus. 


Victoria class carried out a traffic survey as part of our topic. We only saw two buses!


Some children knew about timetables and where to find them.



  Here we are with our clipboards and surveys.



Welcome back and Happy New Year. We hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Our new topic this term is, Up, Down, Round and Round. We have been thinking about the ways different things move.  This week we have been reading the story 'The Naughty Bus.' The naughty bus is a bit rude and it has made us think about how we speak to each other and how we always try to be kind and thoughtful.


Term 2

All the practise paid off. Well done Reception on an amazing performance of 'It's A Baby'! Here are some photos from this morning's performance to the whole school.




We are very busy practising our Christmas play at the moment, but we still have time for lots of other activities too. 

Last week the Year 6 Sports Crew led a house infant agility tournament. The children had a lovely time and practised lots of new skills.  





Wren Class have been using the mud kitchen. They created recipes for soup, tea and other delicious meals! Super descriptive language and good use of phonics to write their menu.                                                                              




Term 1

Today, Victoria Class went to Swanley Library. Jenny read us a story and then we had some time to look at the books. We were all given a book to take home.  We had a lovely time.



Our topic this term is 'This is Me, I am Special'.


 Here are some photos from our first few days at school