Welcome to Reception

Welcome to the Reception webpage

Wren class taught by Mrs Thomas and Mrs Baldock

Victoria class taught by Mrs Endersby, Mrs Hollands and Miss Mitchell

Cook class taught by Miss Sutton and Miss Butler.

Term 3 

Up, Down, Round and Round

This term we will be reading wonderful stories like 'The Naughty Bus' and 'Whatever Next! ' We will continue to practise hearing and saying the initial sounds in words, segmenting and blending simple words and writing some clearly identifiable letters. In Maths we will continue to practise our counting to 20 and beyond, say one more or less than a given number and order and sequence familiar events. 

Meet the teacher Presentations

Wren Class - Meet the Teacher


Phonics Workshop

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Autumn Term 2- Colour My World

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In Reception this term we will be adding a little bit of extra colour to our learning!

We will read the wonderful story of Elmer, a patchwork, checked elephant desperate to fit in, however he soon learns that being different is what makes him special. 

Ask your children about our adventures with Elmer!


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