National Curriculum 

The focus of study in modern languages at KS2 is on practical communication. It will focus on enabling pupils to make substantial progress and provide an appropriate balance of spoken and written language, laying the foundations for further foreign language teaching at KS3. It enables pupils to understand and communicate ideas, facts and feelings in speech and writing, focusing on familiar and routine matters, using their knowledge of phonology, grammatical structures and vocabulary.

Hextable Primary School

We use the La Jolie Ronde scheme of work to support our teaching of French in KS2, ensuring a clear progression of learning as children move through years 3-6. The children are taught to listen attentively to spoken language and show understanding by joining in and responding. They explore the patterns and sounds of language through songs and rhymes and link the spelling, sound and meaning of words.  Children are taught to understand basic grammar, including: feminine and masculine forms and the conjugation of high-frequency verbs; key features and patterns of the language; how to apply these, for instance, to build sentences; and how these differ from or are similar to English.  This enables them to speak in sentences and engage in conversations, using familiar vocabulary, phrases and basic language structures.  They will begin to develop accurate pronunciation and intonation so that others understand when they are reading aloud or using familiar words and phrases.  Children’s oral learning will then support their ability to write phrases from memory, as well as describing people, places, things and actions in writing.