Computing and E-Safety


Safer Internet Day Coffee Morning 

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Internet Safety Coffee Morning PowerPoint


Safer Internet Day 11/3/2020 Assembly


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Computing @ Hextable Primary School

In Key Stage 1, children will  be taught to understand what algorithms are, how they are used in programming and learn how to create and debug simple programs. Children will also be taught how to recognise different technologies beyond school, and how to keep themselves safe when they are online. 

In Key Stage 2, the children will be continue to develop their skills in computer programming by designing, writing and debugging programs and using sequence, selection, and repetition in programs. Children will also apply their logical reasoning to explain how simple algorithms work and identify errors in algorithms and programs. Children will be taught further how to access computer networks and understand how they offer opportunities for communication. Children will continue to be taught how to stay safe online. 


The internet is a major part of everyday life and is a necessary tool for learning, both in and out of school. Being online should be a safe and positive experience for children and parents/carers, below are some links to help you understand how to keep it that way.

 Click here for the latest e-safety guidance from the NSPCC.