It's really important that we keep ourselves as fit and well as possible during the COVID-19 outbreak. It can be very challenging to cope with change to routine, working at home and also coping with trying to get children to complete a little bit of learning all at the same time!  I will try to keep this page updated with new ideas as they come along but here's a good link to start with.

You are always in our thoughts. Keep safe and well from Mrs Hammond!

LOOK HERE - A brilliant opportunity to have a free consultation with an Educational Psychologist to support children with anxiety and wellbeing during this period.

Updated support from Educational Psychology - click here



This is aimed at staff, but has some really useful ideas.

The powerpoint we used at school in assembly is here to download - children will be familiar with this.

Click here for the NHS guide to wellbeing.

Click here for child friendly information from the BBC.

Click here to listen to a book for children about Coronavirus, read by Hugh Bonneville.

A social story to support children to understand Coronavirus can be found here.

A NHS guide for parents on when to seek medical help is here.

A booklet for parents about supporting anxiety in children is here.

Click here for a printable booklet about Coronavirus.