Outside Referrals

We understand the importance of mental health awareness and encourage all children and families to speak out if they feel unsure, unhappy or in need of support. We recognise that good wellbeing is key to a child's development; emotionally, physically and educationally. Please contact Mrs Hammond or the Wellbeing team for further assistance.


Early Help

Early help for families
Find out about the support available for you and your family and how to get the help you need.

What is Early Help for Families?
Often when one person in a family has a problem, it can affect other people in the family. Early Help brings together professionals who will work with the whole family to try to make things improve for everyone. Early Help could include support with parenting, employment, anti-social behaviour and emotional well-being.


Play Therapy

What is play therapy?

Children naturally learn and develop through play. Play therapy builds upon this with the support and expertise of a train therapist. It helps children express themselves in their own way; espeically if they are struggling to understand how they are feeling, or are finding it hard to put their experiences into words. Play therapy can help with a variety of issues and circumstances, including trauma, bereavement, anxiety and depression.

How does play therapy work?

Children explore their own creativity and express themselves using media such as: drawing and painting, water and clay, sand tray, guided imagery and relaxtion techniques, drama and puppetry, poetry, movement and music. Play therapy sessions aim to build a child's ability to develop healthy and resilient relatiobships, and to work through tramatic experiences which may be preoccupying them.

Play Therapy at Hextable



What is CAMHS?

 CAMHS is an NHS service that assess and treat young people with emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties. 

How do I get help from CAMHS?

The first step to getting help from CAMHS is to be referred for a CAMHS assessment. This referral can come from parents/carers, a teacher or GP. 

Children and young people's mental health services (CYPMHS) - NHS (www.nhs.uk)

We Are Beams

What is We Are Beams?

Beams is an established charity who provide comprehensive support services to chuldren and young people with any form of physical, learning or sesory imparirement.

Family Advice Service

The aim of their family ddvice service is to ensure parents, carers and young people have access to accurate information as well as advice and support. 

Family Advice | We Are Beams | Supporting Disable Children Kent

Short Break Services

We Are Beams offer a short break service which includes a range of leisure activies for children and young people up to the age of 25 years.

Short Breaks | We Are Beams | Supporting Disabled Children

Dragon's Retreat

We Are Beams offer an independent registered children's home providing overnight care as a short break for children and young people up to the age of 18 years.

Dragon's Retreat | We Are Beams Hextable Dartford Kent