Sport Premium 2016-17

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Sports Funding is provided by the government in a lump sum of £8000 to all schools nationwide, and an extra £5 is given per child (excluding reception.)


Hextable Primary School : £9,710 (exact figure)


The PE and Sport Premium is designed to help primary schools improve the quality of PE and sport provided to the pupils, and provide opportunities for sporting success. The teaching of PE is benefitted greatly through coaching and updated equipment, and opportunities are also offered to compete in leagues and tournaments.


The 2015/16 sporting year was extremely successful with year 5 and 6 children      winning district tournaments in football, netball, hockey and Tag Rugby. The school was also extremely successful with cross country events, with medals being won in both individual and team events. Hextable also represented Dartford District at the Kent School Games events in Tag Rugby, Hockey and Cross Country. In school, there were successful house events organised with Ennis winning the inter-house tag  rugby and basketball events, Adlington winning Sports Day and Hoy won the Swimming    Gala.


This page will explain the breakdown of the budget, and show where money has been spent to improve the PE at Hextable Primary School.





Approximate cost = 2 x £800 payments


Every Monday between September and December, JG PlayEd (led by Claire Zara) have provided expert coaching for all year groups in the school. Every class has participated in a series of dance lessons, learning routines and developing them throughout the lessons, before also creating their own moves to add to the    routine.


The children’s reactions to the lessons have been extremely positive, and during lessons they have been very engaged in the activities.




Dartford District - Approximate cost: 1% (£100)


Being part of the Dartford District sports programme allows us to enter a number of competitions in a variety of sports throughout the year.

  In netball and football, the teams compete in a league format and the children enjoy the competitive nature in consistent fixtures. This year we have also entered the girls football league.


Swanley District- Approximate cost: 1% (£100)


Being part of both Swanley and Dartford districts provide the chance to take part in competitions, and  gifted and talented children to excel in sports.

 This year we will be taking part in competitions in netball, cross country, football and tag rugby to name a few.





Kent School Games

As part of the DDPSSA membership we have had lots of opportunities to compete in qualifiers for the Kent School Games. This has provided the children with the possibility to compete and show their skills at an  extremely high level .


  • Bronze medal at the Cross Country event.




 Inter-House Sports - Approximate cost: 2% (£200)


The money spent on Inter-House events goes towards the purchase of trophies and medals that are awarded at the Swimming Gala and Sports Day.


Playground Equipment - Approximate cost: 2% (£200)


New playground games and equipment have been purchased and refreshed throughout the school year so that the children have activities they can use during break times. Staff have also been provided with training by JG PlayEd to share activities during break times that the pupils can take part in.


PE Equipment - Approximate cost: 10% (£1200)


This year funding has been spent on purchasing the following equipment to be used in PE lessons.

  • Netballs
  • Footballs
  • Basketballs
  • Football Goal Posts
  • School T-shirts


Sports Kit

Cost: £1810 (£1500 PTA, £310 Premium)


We have unveiled a new sports kit for the school football and netball teams which has been purchased using a combination of PTA fundraising and Sports Premium budget. This purchase also included tracksuits that can be used by all the playing teams representing Hextable         Primary, plus tracksuits for accompanying staff.  The reason for purchasing was to update the existing kit, due to wear and tear over time, and instil a sense of pride in those representing the school.







The funding is provided to the school from the government, via the local authority in two          instalments.  The aforementioned funding and expenditure has been taken from the first instalment, with all further expenditures to be taken from the payment due at the end of March.


20% of the instalment was used resourcing the outdoor activities, including the purchase of a new log climbing stack, which all year groups will have access to. 10% will be spent on acquiring trophies for Sports Day.  30% of the remaining budget will be spent acquiring new football, netball and general sports kit as well as the purchase of apparel for specialist PE leaders.