School Council

A school council is a group of children that have been democratically elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school.

At HPS our School Council is made up of 26 pupils, a boy and a girl from each class from Years 1 to 6. We have a Chairperson and  a Vice Chairperson and Teachers Mrs Cirillo and Miss Field help facilitate our conduct. 

Our team is highly dedicated and enthusiastic and takes its role very seriously meeting three times a term. We endeavour to improve our school championing the voice of our peers to bring about change and positivity with a sprinkle of hard work and fun!

As members of HPS School Council our goal is to make sure all the children in our school have a voice and feel empowered to make choices about their education and community so that we continue to help HPS grow and flourish into the best school it can be.

 Our School Council Promise....

At HPS we aim to be a good and effective School Council by listening to the children in our school, representing their views and getting things done! We will do this by holding regular meetings and be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed and planned. We will also communicate our ideas and plans effectively between the Governors, the SLT, the staff and the pupils.

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School Council members 2016/17...

Our democratically elected School Councillors for 2016/17 are as follows...

Chair person:         Holly Hillam (Owens Class)

Vice Chairperson:          Samuel Price (Curie Class) 

Year One Earhart

Natalie Adrianova

Ryan Dwight


Scarlett Hayrettin

Jamie Peters


Pixie Gates

Alfie Clark

Year Two Armstrong

Olivia Carr

Teddy Conrad


Poppy Steadman

Connor Broad

Year Three Elizabeth

Archie Smith

Mia Whitwell


Eva Coombs

Tyler Bramham

Year Four Mandela

Elouise Waterton

Liam Miller


Evie Whitlock-Wilcox

Harrison Pyle

Year Five Martin Luther King

Georgie Coombs

Harry Johnson

  Mother Teresa

Amy Parsons

Tommy Dighton

Year Six Owens

Holly Hillam

Connor Rowlinson


Lydia-Marie Boswell

Samuel Price