Our Staff


Mrs S. Hall


Deputy Headteacher and SENCo

Mrs S. Hammond


Assistant Headteacher

Mrs C. Grosse


UKS2 Phase Leader

Mr. T. Purton

LKS2 Phase Leaders

Miss.E. Brett Mrs. J. Fleming

Foundation Stage Leader

Mrs. C.Thomas

School Business Manager

Miss J. Sutherden


Office Staff

Mrs L. Massey


Pupil Support

Miss D. Hammond

Mrs. L. Brett


Mrs. H. Ward


Site Manager/ Caretaker

Mr B. Kennedy

Mr K. Summers






Teaching Assistant

YR Cook Class

 Miss. E. Sutton

Miss. L. Butler

YR Victoria Class

Mrs H. Endersby/ Mrs T. Hollands

Miss K. Richards/ Mrs. S. Larkby

YR Wren Class

Mrs C. Thomas

Mrs A. Baldock




Y1 Churchill Class

Miss E. Dennis

Mrs. D. Phillips

Y1 Earhart Class

Miss C. Keech

Miss. H. Townsend




Y2 Armstrong Class

Mrs C. Grosse/ Mrs K. Cilrillo

Miss. E. Field/ Mrs. S. Duffin

Y2 Seacole Class

Miss E. Pamplin

Mrs S. Strong/ Miss K.Phillips

Y2 Columbus Class

Miss M. Knapp

Mrs D. Butler




Y3 Elizabeth Class

Mrs. V. Graham

Mrs D. Mallon

Y3 Shakespeare Class

Miss C. Ranson

Mrs S. St Clair/ Mrs K. Panayiotou

 Y3 Mozart Class

Miss. E. Brett

Mr. S. Brown


Y4 Mandela Class

Mrs J. Fleming

Mrs. T. Potter/Miss H. Farrow

Y4 Nightingale Class

Miss C. Ernstzen

Mrs C.Newton/Mrs. A. Judd/ Mrs. S. Duffin




Y5 Mother Teresa Class

Mrs A. Humphris

Miss L. Hammond

Y5 Martin Luther King Class

Miss C. Yussuf

Mrs M. Butler




Y6 Curie Class

Mr T. Purton

Mrs S. Hulls

Y6 Owens Class

Mrs V. Chapman

Miss D. Hammond


Mrs. R. Mitchell





Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs L. Brett

Mrs H. Ward


Cover Teachers

Mrs E. Randall

Mrs. J. Sparshott


Catering Manager and staff

 Mr W. Lyons, Mrs E. White, Mrs M. Aiano, Mrs J. Mason, Mrs. M. Smith