Our Expansion

Our new development and buildings are now all complete and we are enjoying using the new classrooms and facilities! 


Find out more about the development in this article from the News Shopper!!


News Shopper Article 


Spring 2017 Update

As you can see things are moving quickly and the hoarding is up around the new Year 2 area and the new library/community room. The stage on the field has been removed and will be relocated once the building work is finished. The seating will also be moved so it’s in line with the new position of the stage.  The mound area will be changing slightly as the soil from the Year 2 groundworks will be temporarily placed here… This area will be landscaped once all works have been completed. Reception and Year 1 enjoyed a demonstration put on by the builders in their digger and dumper trucks!     The mobiles were removed this week and the ground work will be starting immediately for the new building Also this week the hoarding was placed around the area where the new Year 3 class is to be built. Please remember the white hoarding is NOT the size of the new buildings!! The hoarding has been placed to enable the building works to be carried out safely. .