We encourage all of our pupils to wear school uniform and take pride in a school identity. Please clearly label all children’s clothing.

BOYS:                                                                                            GIRLS:

Grey or Black Trousers/Shorts                                              Grey or Black Skirt/Pinafore/Trousers

White Shirt or Polo Shirt                                                          White Blouse or Polo Shirt

Royal Blue Pullover                                                                   Royal Blue Cardigan/Pullover

School Sweatshirt/Fleece School Sweatshirt                     School Sweatshirt/Fleece School Sweatshirt

Black/ Grey Socks                                                                     White/ Grey Socks/ Tights

Black School Shoes                                                                  Black School Shoes


P.E. Kit (Boys and Girls)

Hextable Primary School House t-shirt (available from the School Office)

Navy/Black Shorts

Plimsolls/ Trainers for outdoors



Swimming Trunks for Boys and Swimming Costume for Girls (no large, baggy shorts or bikinis.) Children with long hair must wear a swimming hat. Goggles are optional.


Marks and Spencer Uniform online

School sweatshirts, cardigans, fleeces, P.E. t-shirts and bookbags with the school logo are available to purchase from Marks and Spencer. We are very excited to announce that all our logo school uniform is available to purchase online. If ordering on-line, there is a facility to send and collect from school, with free delivery

 Click on the link    www.mandsyourschooluniform.com/ then click on Kent and finally click on our school badge…..