Year 6

Isle of Wight 2018 Parents Meeting



Summer Term

Welcome back to school ready for an exciting summer term! In Term 5 we will be working hard to be prepared for SAT’s which are during week commencing 14th May. Please make sure your child attends school every day during this week and is well prepared by having a lot of early nights! We will be running a SATs breakfast club every day for all children in year 6 – so watch this space for information!!


SATs Information Evening 

If you were unable to attend the SATs information evening, or would like a copy of the powerpoint used, you can find it here. If you do have any questions please feel free to speak to Mr. Murrock, Mr. Purton, Mrs. Hammond or Mrs. Hall.


Heart Dissection Science Lesson

As part of our scientific investigations into the human body, year 6 dissected hearts to gain a better understanding of its structure and workings. We were able to identify the ventricles and atriums as well as the aorta and vena cava. Through our investigations we discovered how tough the heart muscle is and realised that in order to pump blood around the body it would have to be very strong! 




Term 3 Topics

In term 3 we will be learning about London. In our topic lessons we will be uncovering London's vast history and identifying several famous landmarks situated in the city. We will be using the Thames as inspiration for artwork, as well as learning about how the city has developed over time. 

In Science we will be learning about the Human body and functions of key organs. We will be learning about the functions of the heart, lungs and circulatory system, exploring how diet and exercise can have both positive and negative effects on our body.


Term 2 Topics

 In term 2 we will be learning about the Second World War. In our topic lessons we will discuss how Hitler rose to power in Germany, key events during the war, and what life would have been like for children in Britain between 1939 and 1945. 

In English we will learn about concentration camps and the holocaust through the Diary of Anne Frank and the short story 'Rose Blanche' which tell the stories of two young girls growing up in Nazi occupied Europe, and the persecution of Jewish people. This will really develop the children's empathy muscles and promote respect for people of all cultures. 

In Science, we will be learning about Evolution, discussing how species need to adapt to survive in the world, and how these adaptations have taken place over long periods of time.

What an exciting and interesting term of learning we have in store!! 


World War 1

This term Year 6 have been learning about World War 1. In our English lessons we have been studying the book 'War Game' which tells the story of a young soldier involved in the Christmas Day truce, where German and English soldiers came out of the trenches to play football. 

In our writing, we thought about what life would be like living in the trenches, and wrote descriptive setting descriptions, as well as our own stories from the trenches. In topic we learnt about how war broke out, and made comparisons between what life in Europe would have been like between 1914-18 and today. 


Term 1 Topics

For the first 2 terms we will be focusing on World Wars, encompassing the history of the periods, learning not only about the facts of the war, but also life at home, including personal stories and the effect of the war on the local area. Children are usually keen to retell stories from older relatives and also to bring in artefacts, photos, letters etc. If you are happy for them to do so, this definitely enriches the experience and we promise to take good care of them!

For Science – in terms 1  – we will be focusing on Electricity. The children will learn through practical investigation and research.


Welcome Back!

We hope you have had a lovely time over the summer and we are sure you are now ready to start the new school year, so welcome to Year 6! Mr. Murrock and Mr. Purton are looking forward to getting to know you and working together so that we have a very exciting and productive year. We hope that you enjoy the new challenges and preparation for secondary school that year 6 has to offer.  

We will be holding a parents meeting on Monday 18th September at 6:30pm to discuss the exciting events and expectations of year 6! All children are very welcome!

Useful Websites 

We recommend the following website to support your children with the first term of Year 6. Please click on the links to visit the page:

Interactive World War One Activities

BBC Bitesize Electricity Key Stage 2

Topmarks Maths

Interactive English Games



Below are the list of year 6 spellings for the year. Please use them to support your children with their English.




















































General Reminders 

  • The class doors will be open from 8.45-9.00am. If your child arrives after this time, please take them to the school office. (School telephone number 01322 663792)
  • The school day ends at 3.30pm. If you are unable to collect your child, please telephone the school office.
  • In year 6 many children begin to walk home from school alone or with friends, we are happy for them to do so (as long as you are!) please could you write us a note if you would like this to happen,
  • The children will be doing PE on Monday and Wednesday. However, sometimes plans change, so we would ask that children have their PE kit in school everyday please. For the colder months this can include jogging bottoms.
  • Please make sure your child’s water bottle is in school every day and that their name is written clearly on the bottle. Please provide children with a pencil case containing handwriting pen, pencil, whiteboard pen, coloured pens/pencils, rubber, ruler, glue stick and sharpener.
  • Home learning will continue to be given out on Thursday and is to be returned by Tuesday please.