Welcome Back to another exciting term!

A big thank you to everyone who came to support Mother Teresa class and watched their class assembly. They all enjoyed taking part in the assembly and many members of the class had many lines to learn! Well done Mother Teresa Class!


Term 3 continued to be very busy.

In maths we have been using fractions, including adding, subtracting and multiplying and all of year 5 have persevered with some very difficult calculations.

English has focused on looking in detail at one book. We choose to Look at 'Holes' written by Louis Sacher.

The children particularly enjoyed reading this book and developed many skills in analyzing a text as well as creating some fantastic writing and art work.

Forces has been our topic in science: we have learnt all about gravity and the forces that impact our daily life.

Year 5 particularly enjoyed carrying  out practical investigations to find out about air resistance and friction.


MLK was able to take part in PE lessons given by a specialist Gym teacher - the focus was using their bodies to move and balance. All children worked extremely hard and challenged thier own capabilities.

Many of they year 5 children are particularly looking forward to the Year 5 residential trip to Grosvenor Hall in Ashford. There will be many exciting activities and opportunities to take part in and it will be a fantastic few days.

For any more information please go to: www.kinsgwood.co.uk/locations/grosvenor-hall/

For those not attending the residential and fun filled and busy week is planned to ensure all year 5 children have a great week!

Term 4 is looking to be another exciting and busy term !

Please continue to encourage and to hear your child read regularly and to continue to practice and use their times tables.

Please ensure your child has a full PE kit in school at all times, we do try to complete 2 PE lessons a week, both indoors and outdoors, therefore please check your child has a suitable outdoor PE kit, especially in times of cold weather.


Term 3

Welcome back to another exciting term in year 5!

Thank you for all your support regarding the staff changes to year 5 this term, Ms Nolan will be missed and we wish her every success in her new school.

However, Mrs Chapman, Mrs Murrock and Mrs Smith are all very excited to begin this  new term with many exciting and challenging activities and topics planned.

Our topic this term is 'The Mayan Civilization', as well as continuing to develop our skills in Maths and English.

We particularly enjoyed developing our mathematical problem solving skills and developing different ways to show our understanding of square and triangular numbers

In  music, we developed the ability to listen to and hear a beat in a repetitive composition and then had lots of fun using percussion instruments to create our own lullabies aswell as having the opportunity to take part in a speacialised dance program, which we all really enjoyed.

Please continue to hear your child regularly and to continue to practise and apply thier times tables knowledge.

Focus spellings for year 5 are in the back of home learning books and we will continue to practise and use specific spellings throughout the term.

Welcome back to another exciting term in year 5!

What an amazing start to year 5, wehave really enjoyed all of our exciting topics so far.

We had great fun learning all about the ancient greeks, especially creating our very own trojan horses and have been particularly interested learning all about living things in science.


We looked very closely at how plants reproduce and even carefully dissected a flower to help us to identify all the different parts.

Year 5 have also continued to develop thier artistic skills and have produced some fantastis art in the style of Andy Warhol for the MLK class board.

MLK class would like to thank all the parents and carers for their support and help with lots of line learning, singing and dancing which enabled us to perform a fabulous assembly, which all the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in

Year 5 are looking forward to an exciting term 2 with so much more exciting and fascinating topics for us to explore.

Please continue to hear your children read regularly and help them to practise thier times tables



Welcome to Year 5, we hope you had a lovely summer holiday and are ready and raring to go for the term ahead!

Our Year 5 classes are;

Mother Teresa Class taught by Ms Nolan, Mrs Judd and Mrs Batley

Martin Luther King Class taught by Mrs Murrock, Mrs Chapman and Mrs Sparshott



Our topic learning will focus on all aspects of ancient Greek history and daily life in detail, and will be making comparisons between modern day and ancient civilisations.

 If you want to help your child with this learning, the British Museum has a fantastic Ancient Greece exhibition. You can also find lots of information on their website by following this link:

 British Museum



Below are the list of year 5 key spellings for the year. Please use them to support your children with their English.  As requested by many of you at parent consultations, these words can now also be found at the back of your child's home learning books.

accommodate               definite

accompany                    desperate

according                     determined

achieve                         develop

aggressive                    dictionary

amateur                       disastrous

ancient                         embarrass

apparent                      environment

appreciate                    equip (-ped – ment)

attached                      especially

available                       exaggerate

average                        excellent

awkward                       existence

bargain                         explanation

bruise                          familiar

category                      foreign

cemetery                     forty

committee                    frequently

 communicate               government

community                    guarantee

competition                  harass

conscience                 hindrance

 conscious                 controversy

 convenience             correspond

criticise (critic + ise)   curiosity



Please ensure your children are reading regularly at home and their contact books are signed.



PE is timetabled for Monday and Friday, please ensure that each child has a full PE kit in school at all times as these sessions are flexible and may change.


This week we have begun to use Roman Numerals to represent numbers.





There are some online maths games that children can play at home to reinforce the skills being learned this year.  Below is a small selection of sites that may be useful. 


This site has lots of fun, timed activities and is particularly useful for times tables and division practice. 


This site covers all of the maths skills learned in year 5 and is organised into categories so you can practice specific skills.  Scores can be tracked and the level of difficulty increases as improvement is made.


This site offers differentiated activities for specific age ranges. 


Lots of very visual, interactive games covering all areas of the curriculum.


 Term 3

Welcome back