Year 2

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Autumn Term 2

 Wow! What a busy and exciting first term we had! We have enjoyed finding out lots of interesting facts about Space, the Solar System and the First Moon Landing.

We also enjoyed looking at Habitats and Micro-Habitats in Science, and had great fun going on Minibeast hunts around the school grounds! Can you guess what we found?




In English this term we are continuing to use Power of Reading texts to inspire our writing. Last term we read The Darkest Dark by the astronaut Chris Hadfield and we wrote some amazing recounts and poems packed full of adjectives, adverbs and even some similes too! We wonder what the text will be this term...



Please continue to hear your child read regularly at home, both their school reading book, and other texts just for enjoyment. We started visiting the school library last term too so will be changing our library books regularly. What adventure will your next book take you on?


Phonics and Handwriting

We will continue to send home spellings from the Year 1 and 2 wordlist to practise as part of homelearning. These words also form part of our daily Phonics lessons. Don't forget to practise your letter formation too!



In Maths this term we will continue to explore different strategies to add and subtract numbers as well as solving problems. Don't forget to practise your number bonds to 10 and 20!

We will also start to learn about money, recognising the pounds (£) and pence (p) symbols and combining amounts. 

Please continue to practise the 2s, 5s and 10s times tables at home. Can you challenge yourself by giving the 3s a try? 




In Science this term we will be focusing on lots of exciting subjects! These include looking at the life cycles of animals and humans, stages of human development, the importance of hygiene, healthy lifestyles and the importance of exercise.



In History this term we will be exploring significant historical events, people and places in our local area. We will be linking our History lessons to remembrance and the local war memorial, researching and creating our own class fact files!



During our Computing lessons we will be building on all of our learning during term one. We will use our knowledge of algorithms to programme Bee-Bot’s.



Within our PE lessons we will be focusing on Parachute Games and Gym. There will be many opportunities to use the apparatus to develop our balancing, travelling and to sequence our own routines.



During Art we will be developing our drawing, painting and sculpting skills. We will be drawing from natural objects, creating mini models and making some land art. Additionally, we will be creating 3D poppies in celebration of the 100th year anniversary of WW1.



Within our RE lessons we will be introducing the Hindu festival Diwali. We will learn the stories surrounding the festival, create some amazing artwork and even make delicious festival food!



Music lessons will consist of fun musical activities which will explore beats, experimenting with various instruments and using our own bodies to create our own class music.



Within PSHE we will explore the idea of relationships, mutual respect, firework safety and bullying. We will be building on our positive relationships with each other and work to develop on these within the school. Additionally, we will be focusing on the idea of having a Growth Mindset and how to develop our own thinking to help us on our learning journey.


 Autumn Term 1

Welcome to Year Two!  Our Year Two classes are Armstrong Class taught by Mrs Grosse and Mrs Cirillo, Seacole Class taught by Miss Pamplin and Columbus Class taught by Miss Knapp.

Here are our email addresses if you need to contact us:

Mrs Grosse:

Mrs Cirillo:

Miss Pamplin:

Miss Knapp:




Our topic this term is Life, the Universe, and Everything. We will be investigating Space and Space travel.  In Science we will be looking at habitats and living things. If you have any links to people, places or resources related to this topic please come and talk to us.



Maths will be taught daily. We will revise skills and strategies introduced in previous years, and we will be working on alternative methods for calculation. We will also be working on our times tables. Please practise these with your child at home.

Try using this helpful website to practise your times tables and number bonds.

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The children will continue to use the cursive handwriting style introduced in Reception and Year 1.


During this term we will be focussing on Fairy Tales and Explanation texts.


Please continue to hear your child read regularly at home, both their school reading book, and a book just for enjoyment.


Oxford Reading Owl

Try this useful website to help with your child's reading at home.



Click here for phonics sounds

We will teach this daily. It will build on the experiences and knowledge that your child has had in Year 1. Please continue to practise reading and spelling the ‘tricky’ key words.

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