Year 1

Welcome to our Year One web page, we hope you enjoy looking at all the exciting things we have been doing each term in our classes.

Our Year One classes are:

Earhart Class taught by Miss Keech & Miss Townsend

Churchill Class taught by Miss Dennis & Mrs Phillips 

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Earhart Class

Churchill Class

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Term 5- Paws, Claws and Whiskers

This term our topic is ‘Paws, Claws and Whiskers’. We will be exploring identification and classification of animals.  We will learn about many animal groups and which features certain groups of animal possess. We will learn about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores, identifying foods these animals eat and why.

In English, we are going to be exploring ‘One day on our Blue Planet: In the Savannah’ by Ella Bailey. We are looking forward to exploring a new text and continuing to develop writing in the style of non-fiction.

In Math’s, the children are going to be learning about Multiplication and Division to solve problems and tackle challenges. We will offer the children many opportunities to explore these concepts in real-life, practical activities.



Term 4- Out and about

This term our Topic is ‘Out and About’. We will learn about our local area and make comparisons to other areas around the world. In Science the children will be investigating growing plants and we will even get the chance to grow our own beans.

In English this term we will be exploring one of our Power of Reading texts. The children will have the opportunity to write setting descriptions, instructions, as well as innovating the story using their imagination.

In Maths, we will continue to develop key skills for addition and subtraction. We will also be learning about measurement where the children will have opportunities to measure length, height, weight and volume.


Term 3 - Weather Watch


Our Topic this term is 'Weather Watch' We have begun exploring many different types of weather. We have created our own weather posters, and even made a rain gauge and wind sock so that we can begin to measure the wind and rain fall. 


In Maths we will be continuing to focus on number. Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, and being able to recognize and count all the way up to 100. We will also be challenging ourselves by adding and subtraction one and two digit numbers. 


In English we are exploring our Power of Reading text 'Traction Man is here' We will become reporters and write our own newspaper reports to help Traction Man solve a very exciting mystery!



Term 2 - Fire, Fire!

Image result for the great fire of london

Our Topic this term is Fire, Fire!'. We have been exploring the events of the past. We began learning all about Guy Fawkes, and The Great Fire of London. We even got the chance to build our own Houses in our Design and Technology lessons to recreate the events of The Great Fire of London. 

In Maths we have been focusing on shape. Learning all about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We even got to go on a shape hunt around the school! We have also been practising our counting, and trying hard to learn how to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. Although we found it quite tricky we were able to keep persevering!

During our English lessons this term we have been exploring one of our Power of Reading texts 'The lonely Beast'. We were able to write some amazing character profiles and poems. Our book inspired us to innovate the story to create our own beasts, using our super adjectives to describe them.

All of Year 1 made Miss Keech and Miss Dennis extremely proud with all their hard work towards their performance of the Christmas Nativity. 



Term 1 - Incredible Me 

Our Topic this term is Incredible Me!’ We have been learning all about ourselves and the human body. We have enjoyed investigating our own family history and learning how to stay healthy.

In Maths we have been focusing on place value, counting, adding and subtracting.  We have been practicing counting forwards, backwards and also using different resources to support our learning.

During our English lessons we have been exploring different types of texts. We have particularly enjoyed reading 'We're Going On a Bear Hunt' and writing our own poems for World Poetry Day!

Miss Keech and Miss Dennis are very proud of the Children's learning this term and how well they have settled into Year One. Well done everyone!

Take a look below to see what we have been up to! 








 Top Tips for super learning in Year One!

1. Practice your spellings using look, cover, write, check, this will help you to remember them so that you can blow your teachers away when they read your writing.

These are the spellings for Year 1:

2. Do lots of reading! Remember to explore different texts and books, you could read non-fiction books to find out interesting facts, or you could enjoy fiction stories, full of fun and excitement.

3. Try your best and never give up!