Year 1

Welcome to our Year One webpage, we hope you enjoy looking at all the exciting things we have been doing each term in our classes.

Our Year One classes are:

Earhart Class taught by Mrs Taylor & Mrs Phillips

Dickens Class taught by Miss Brett & Miss Cole

Churchill Class taught by Miss Church & Mrs Howlett/ Mrs Strong.


Click on the links below to view our presentations from each class' 'Meet the Teacher' afternoon.

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Click here for Earhart Class meet the teacher power point

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Summer 2

Our Sixth Terms Topic is: Globetrotters continued.


Where has this year gone?!

We can't quite believe it's Term 6 already!!


This term we will be continuing our topic of 'Globetrotters'. We will be learning about the different continents of the World, developing our understanding of different countries and their lifestyles; as well as exploring transport and how it has changed over time.



 In Science this term we are going to be exploring 'Animals'. We will be learning about Reptiles, Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Mammals and Insects. We have lots of learning to do this term!



The final term in Year 1 brings lots of consolidation in Maths. We will be revisiting the four operations and  learning about Weight and Capacity.








Summer 1

Our Fifth Terms Topic is: Globetrotters


 We hope you enjoyed our Year 1 Assembly. We loved sharing all of the facts we have learnt about the United Kingdom. Thank you for coming on our journey with us!!


 Throughout our 'Globetrotters' topic we will be learning lots of information about the four countries of the United Kingdom; England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

We are looking forward to sharing all of the brilliant facts that we have found out during our Year 1 assembly on Friday 26th May.

During our Topic lessons we have been identifying human and physical features in all four countries of the United Kingdom as well as talking about the famous landmarks and beautiful environments. 

We have been concentrating on writing non-fiction texts that provide information about each of the countries and their features. Our fact files include the countries flag, national flower, human and physical features, and lots of interesting facts.



 In Science this term we are continuing to learn about plants, their features and functions. The children have learnt so much already and are really enjoying spending time in the outdoor environment observing, identifying and classifying. Earhart Class have spent lots of time learning about planting and have created a beautiful garden outside their classroom. It has been fantastic to see the children so engaged in learning about their natural environment and how to take care of it.

Here is a snippet of how brilliant it looks so far:

Remember to make observations over time and watch the flowers and plants shoot and grow.


We have enjoyed spending time outside this week on a tree hunt. We used iDial's to identify all of the tree's we have in our school grounds. We used the leaves of the tree to match to a picture on the iDial, helping us to identify the trees. All of the children were able to discuss whether the trees we identified were evergreen or deciduous. There was lots of excellent discussion and brilliant creativity when designing their own leaf men.



In maths this term we have re-visited place value, all four operations, money, weight and volume. There is lots of fabulous learning taking place! 

During our place value lessons we have practiced partitioning two and three digit numbers into hundreds, tens and ones. We are very proud of ourselves, we chose the manipulatives we wanted to help us with our learning and we decided on how to represent two and three digit numbers. Jake chose to draw a whole part model with three parts for hundreds, tens and ones. Skye used counters and arranged them into red for tens and blue for ones. Louie used numicon and counted in tens up to 60 then he counted on from 60 upto 63. Miss Brett was very impressed with all your great learning! 




English this term has had us learning to write in different forms. Most recently we have been learning all about explanation texts. On Monday 8th May something very exciting appeared in our classrooms. Some sort of machine!! We were all very intrigued and excited.

What could it be? What was it for? How do you use it? 

The children all asked brilliant questions and we received a great explanation from Pod and Dusty - two very cheeky aliens, telling us exactly what the machine was and how to make it work. 

A Teacher Pleaser Machine

It was our very own 'Teacher Pleaser Machine'. Pod and Dusty thought that Miss Brett, Miss Church and Mrs Taylor had been a little bit grumpy recently and they needed some cheering up. This magnificent machine gave them a cup of tea at the push of a single button. They have never been so happy!

The children all had the opportunity to make their own machines and please their teachers even more. It is safe to say the teachers are all feeling very cheerful and jolly- it's brilliant!




Our trip to Leeds Castle

 Year one had a fantastic day out at Leeds Castle. We enjoyed dressing up and acting out the story of the Swan Princess, and everyone liked exploring the Castle and its beautiful grounds.

We had so much fun!

Take a look at some of our pictures below:






 Curriculum Week - Term 4, Week 2

Curriculum week started with a very exciting event. Mysteriously, a car had crashed onto the Junior Playground. Nobody knew anything about it! It was all a bit strange! We returned from the crash site to find letters in each of our classrooms from a Giant who lives at the top of a Beanstalk, telling us he was in Giant Hospital and he had crashed his car...


The children then began the week by plotting and deciding on an idea for how they think the car got there and where the Giant might have been going. They have written fantastic stories with heaps of imagination and excitement.

In maths this week we have been learning about non-standard forms of measure. We received more letters from Jim and the Giant asking us to solve their mathematical problems. We had to find Jim the perfect magic wand which needed to be 30 cubes long, not one cube more or one cube less. We also had to help the Giant by finding his shoelaces that were lost in the car crash.



For Science we decided as the Giant was feeling sad in Hospital it would be nice to send him some beautiful, brightly coloured flowers. Unfortunately the only flowers we could get were WHITE! What could we do to make them bright and colourful?




The children thought about different ways that we could change the colour of the petals from colouring them in to adding food colouring to the water. We added 10 drops of food coloured to each flowers water and watched the petals change. After 12 hours the petals started to change colour gradually. Every day we have been checking to see if the flowers are brighter and more colourful!


Spring Term 2

Click here to view Term 4's newsletter

Our Fourth Terms Topic is: Round and About.


For our Round and About  Topic we will be learning how to use maps, how to recognise physical and human features in our local area and how to use simple compass directions (North, South, East and West) and locational and directional language to describe the location of features and routes on a map.


During Week 4 we went on a walk around Hextable Village to look for Physical and Human features. We had lots of fun exploring. When we returned to school we discussed all of the feautures we had seen and sorted them into a venn diagram. We decided that Hextable is a human environment because there were lots of human features, and not so many physical features.




In Maths we have been focusing on Multiplication and Division, as well as Fractions and Measurement. All of the children have enjoyed learning how to solve problems and tricky number sentences using these two new operations. 




 This term in English we are going to be learning about Fairytales and poetry. The children have written fantastic stories using a hook of a car landing on the Junior playground. They thought of some brilliant ideas for how and why they think the car arrived at school.


 We have been writing Magic Box poems in English. The children used fantastic adjectives and were very creative when deciding what they would like to put inside their boxes. All of the Year 1 teachers loved reading the poems, they were all brilliant! Well done Year 1!




In Science this term we will be working scientifically by observing the changes to our beanstalks over time. We will monitor and investigate the changes to our plants which we planted during Curriculum Week. We are very excited to see how much they grow!

 Our bean plants are getting bigger and bigger! We have been observing the changes over time and we are enjoying seeing whose plant is growing to be the tallest. It's all very exciting!

We are remembering every day to give them all of the things they need to grow; water, sunlight, air, space and soil.



Spring Term 1

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Our Third Terms Topic is: Weather Watch.


This term Year 1 are learning all about the Weather. We are going to be investigating wind and clouds in Science, monitoring and observing changes over the seasons and writing a report using generalizers in English. The children are all very excited about the weather changes at the moment and can't quite believe that we have had sunshine, rain, wind and snow so close together. It's all very interesting!

In Science we have been observing the different types of clouds and learning about what each shape and style of cloud is called. We have observed Cirrus and Stratus Clouds so far.

In our classes we are recording the weather daily in a large floor book. We tested the wind direction by blowing bubbles and read the temperature which was -1.5 degrees!


Here we are being weather detectives:


To find out more about clouds, how they are formed and the difference between them; take a look at the Weather Whizz Kids Page by clicking on the link below:

Weather Whizz Kids                                                            

Year one had lots of fun in science testing the wind direction using paper, windmills and bubbles. We ran against the wind and watched our paper change shape, some of us stood still and waited to see if our windmills would spin in the wind and some of us blew bubbles into the air and watched carefully to see the direction in which they floated away.




In Maths this term we are going to be learning about Telling the time and Measurement of Length and Height. We will also be revisiting Place Value, as well as Addition and Subtraction.  

This week in maths we are using tens frames and cubes to make two digit numbers when looking at place value.


Dickens Class loved learning how to tell the time we learnt a new song which helped us to remember which hand tells the minutes and which hand tells the hour. The children were brilliant at telling o'clock and half past times, some of us even progressed to telling quarter to and quarter past times by the end of the week. We had lots of fun trying out the different time based activities.

Our favourites were the time maze where we had to read the clocks and find the matching written time to get through the maze, matching the clocks to the written time, picking a written time and moving the hands of a clock to show it and Circles loved singing 'This little clock of mine' to help them with reading the time and moving the clock hands to show the times Miss Brett described.




In English we have been learning about imperative verbs. The children have been concentrating on recognising 'bossy words' within a set of instructions as well as being able to follow instructions and write their own too. We have had lots of fun playing games like Simon says, where we had to listen very carefully for the imperative verbs in our teachers sentences. We have been thinking about how these words are asking you to do an action.

Year One followed instructions to make Angel Delight. We enjoyed tasting the finished product.







In Computing so far this term we have been learning about position and direction and giving algorithms to each other to give directions. We have been using lots of excellent positional language such as; full turn, half turn, quarter turn, forwards, backwards, reverse, and rotate.

Here are some pictures of Dickens Class directing each other around the carpet map to different objects dressed up as a Beebot. We practiced giving clear and simple algorithms to each other and the Beebots, sometimes the Beebots got a little bit confused. We had to make sure we were being very clear and concise.



                  We had lots of fun!                



Autumn Term 2

Our Second Terms Topic is: Fire, Fire.

Click here for the link to read term two's newsletter 


This Term our Topic is called Fire, Fire! We will be learning all about the famous Gunpowder Plot and the story of Guy Fawkes, as well as learning about The Great Fire of London. By the end of the topic we would like the children to be able to remember facts about both of these events and be able to report on them to their peers. To be able to report on an event we believe it to be important for children to experience it in some form themselves, this is why we recreated the Great Fire on the school playground. Each of the children created a model to resemble a house with a thatched roof and lined it up on the playground for it to be burnt in the re-enactment of the Great Fire. The children were able to remember facts about The Great Fire of London during our re-enactment and enjoyed singing London's Burning.


This term in Science we have been exploring a variety of different materials and investigating their properties. We have learnt how to identify materials using all of our senses, as well as learning how  to classify the materials by putting them into groups including items which have the same properties.

Dickens Class made a huge table to help us to sort all of the different objects we found during our material hunt around the classroom. We put the objects into categories of Fabric, Wood, Plastic and Metal.




Throughout Term 2 Year 1 have continued to learn about place value and using their knowledge of this to support addition and subtraction. We have learnt lots of new strategies to support us with our learning and we are now much more confident with using manipulatives to help us solve problems.

Here are some pictures of us learning how to partition two digit numbers into tens and ones using a whole part model to help us.


We have also been working really hard learning how to combine two amounts to make a bigger number. We have practiced addition using manipulatives and we have now moved onto to use tens frames. Some of us can even add up in our heads now. We are very proud of ourselves!!

Here are some of us using the tens frames to add up two amounts. We were able to work out the total number by counting how many dots there were altogether.




This term in English we have been continuing to use the Talk for Writing approach which allows the children to learn the story language orally before putting pencil to paper. We started the term learning the story of The Little Red Hen. The children have loved learning this story and now know it very well and can retell it using actions and expression in their voices. The children also innovated the story by changing the characters and then went on to invent their own stories using the structure of The Little Red Hen to support their writing. The stories produced were fantastic!!



Physical Education 

In P.E this term we have been practicing balancing and travelling in different ways as part of Infant Agility. We have been using our creativity and imagination muscles to help us think of new and exciting ways to move across, over and under the equipment. We have also learnt how to balance in different ways using all of our strength to hold our bodies steady and how to jump off of equipment and land safely.




Autumn Term 1

Our First Terms Topic is: Doctor, Doctor.

Click here for a link to download term one's newsletter. 


Take a look at some pictures of us exploring our 5 senses in Science:

We had lots of fun feeling different materials, hearing lots of new sounds, tasting lots of nice and some not so nice food, looking through telescopes and magnifying glasses, and smelling a few funny and stinky smells. By the end of the lesson our senses were feeling very tingly!



During our first week in year one we were visited by Obb and Bob, two aliens from out of space. Obb and Bob landed on the infant playground in their Spaceship, with a mission to find out about how humans move in different ways.  They sent a letter to the children asking them to explore different movements and how they use their bodies. It was very exciting!

Link to the Alien landing on the infant playground

Excitement when looking for clues of the Alien landing!



On Thursday 29th September, Year One had a very enjoyable visit to Stanhill Farm. We were able to see lots of different fruit and vegetables growing in the fields. The children were keen to identify the different varieties of fruit and vegetables and were excited to see them growing on the farm.

Here are some pictures from our visit:












Year One have been using different videos to help us to learn our number bonds to ten. We have included the links below so that you can watch them at home with your children.

Please click on the links below to view the videos.

numbers in the teens

Mine Craft number bonds to ten

Ten green bottles

For the first 3 weeks of Term 1 we have been concentrating on Place Value in Maths. The children have been using chopped up hundred squares that need putting back together again. This has encouraged the children to work collaboratively and use their knowledge of one more and one less to rebuild the 100 squares.

We have also been using Unifix cubes, Counters and Numicon to count out the correct amount to match written number names and numerals.


For the next two weeks in Maths we are going to be learning about addition and subtraction.

We will be learning about combining two numbers to make a new amount and developing the children's understanding of this as the addition process.

To begin with we have been using Numicon to help us find different ways of making 10. We have also used tens frames to encourage the children to find the missing number by looking at how many squares of tens frame are filled in and how many have been left blank.

The children are becoming fantastic problem solvers and are developing an excellent understanding of addition. 

Harvey in Churchill Class was able to explain to his friends what addition is. He said:

adding is putting two numbers together to make an even bigger number.  

 Here are some pictures of Dickens Class practising addition and subtraction.




Year One Spellings:

the, a, do, to, today, of, said, says, are, were, was, is, his, has, I, you, your, they, be, he, me, she, we, no, go, so, by, my, here, there, where, love, come, some, one, once, ask, friend, school, put, push, pull, full, house, our

For the first two weeks of this year we used a beautiful picture book called Journey By Aaron Becker. We looked closely at the characters Journey throughout the book and thought about where we would like to go on our own journeys. The children innovated the book by creating their own setting that they would like to visit and practiced using their senses to describe it to a friend. 

So far we have been learning lots about using adjectives to make our sentences more exciting. 

Frankie in Dickens Class described an adjective as being:

a nouns best friend. An adjective makes the noun more exciting and happy.


This week we started using a new text called Oliver's Vegetables By Vivian French. We have loved reading the story and learning lots of new vegetable names. On Monday 26th September there was the Breaking News that Oliver's Grandma's carrots had been stolen from Hextable Primary School.

Knowing that Grandma would be incredibly sad that her carrots had been stolen, each child made an excellent, eye catching poster that we hoped would help us to find Grandma's missing carrots. Luckily we went on a hunt for the missing carrots and... WE FOUND THEM!!

Mrs Taylor, Miss Brett and Miss Church thought this was a great opportunity to teach Year one about writing a recount of a familiar story or event. We created a talk map on the whiteboard and practiced using actions to retell the events of the missing carrot hunt using Pie Corbett's Talk for Writing approach.

Here is a group of children from Dickens Class sharing their recount

 On Thursday 29th October Year One visited Stanhill Farm where we explored a variety of vegetables and imagined ourselves in the role of Oliver. We thought carefully about which vegetable we would like to try the most. Having seen so many vegetables that we would like to try we made a yummy vegetable soup on Friday. It was delicious! So delicious some of us even had second helpings. YUM!

 Here are some pictures of Earhart and Churchill class making vegetable soup.


 Take a look at some pictures of Dickens Class making their vegetable soup.


  First of all we chopped up the peppers, peeled and chopped the carrots, and sliced the celery into tiny pieces. Then we cut the tomatoes into quarters, peeled the potatoes and cut them into quarters. Once we had prepared all of the delicious vegetables we put them into a gigantic saucepan ready to be boiled with the vegetable stock.

We were all very excited to taste the soup!


 After boiling our soup for about an hour we used a hand blender to make it smooth, and a lot less lumpy. Then we all tasted the vegetable soup! Some of us LOVED it and had second helpings, others were not so keen and preferred to just eat the crusty bread from the Farm Shop.




We have been learning how to follow instructions in computing. The children have been creating their own algorithms (instructions) for how to make a jam sandwich.

Here are some pictures of the children following algorithms to make jam sandwiches.






See if you can follow our algorithms to make your own jam sandwich.


Get 2 slices of bread, a box full of butter, a jar full of jam and a knife.


Take the box of butter and open it, now get your knife. Put your knife into the butter and get a little bit of butter on your knife. Now scrape the butter off of your knife onto one of the slices of bread. Now use the knife to spread the butter evenly onto both slices of bread. PERFECT!


Now take the jam and open it, take your knife and scrape out a big bit of jam. Slide the jam off of the knife onto one piece of the bread. Now spread the jam all over one slice of the bread. Take the other piece of bread and put it on top of the other slice of bread with jam on. Now cut your sandwich in half using the sharp edge of the knife.

Then you can EAT IT!