Forest School Club!

Forest School club is a fun and exciting way to develop children's skills of team work, independence, and perseverance. Each week the children will explore the outdoors through experiencing nature and the natural environment in a hands-on setting. We will go on nature walks, bug hunts, do mud paintings, build bug hotels and hedgehog houses, create stick men and enjoy sharing stories together in our log circle with a steamy cup of hot chocolate. We can't wait!


 As the evenings are getting darker, and the weather is becoming colder and wetter, we kindly ask that the children are provided with some warm, waterproof clothes to wear to Forest School.




Dickens Class and Meadow Area


Miss Brett and Miss Keech


Monday after school- 3:30-4:15pm




Earhart Class and Meadow Area


Mrs Taylor and Miss Church


Tuesday after school- 3:30-4:15pm

Term 4

Week One 

Forest School Club was great fun this week! We enjoyed searching for signs of Spring in the Meadow. We are really lucky to have lots of shoots popping up all over the place and even frogspawn in our pond. It is all very exciting seeing loads of signs of Spring!

We enjoyed taking lots of photographs to show that Spring is coming!


We are starting to see Blossom on the trees in the meadow, Daffodils shooting up all over the place and Hazel Catkins hanging from branches, and on the forest floor too.


  Week Two 

WOW! What a great Forest School session we have had this week! We have had lots of fun exploring our improved meadow area...with many thanks to the builders! Take a look below at the activities we have enjoyed, including making amazing fairy gardens, and magical wands! 




Week Three

This week we have had lots of fun creating a Mud Café. The children have been very busy using their imaginations to think of extravagant new meals for their customers to try. Some of the chefs specials include; Leafagna, Spaghetti mudonaise, mud pie, mud cake and the most delicious of them all is wormelon for desert. YUM!



Week Four

 This week in Forest School Club we have be conquering our fears and climbing our Faraway Tree even higher! We are feeling very proud of ourselves for persevering and taking risks.

We have also been trying really hard to develop our weaving skills. Miss Brett and Miss Keech showed us how to make 'Gods Eyes' using sticks and wool. We have had lots of fun being creative!

 We are very proud of our 'Gods Eyes'. All of us tried very hard to remember the weaving pattern of under, over, round, under, over, round every time.

We persevered and created some lovely patterns! We are looking forward to trying out new weaving patterns next term.






 Term 3

Week One

We are very pleased to tell you that we have successfully achieved our GOLD Green Tree Schools Award. We have completed lots of activities that gain us points towards the different Award Levels. For more information please follow the link below:

Green Tree Schools Award Guide

Week Two

This week we have started our Meadow Area Make-over. The children have thought about different areas that they would like to have as part of our Forest School and where they would like them to be. We have also thought about who is going to look after our Meadow Area when we are not there. As this is a very important job the children have designed Tree Champions. Our winning design was by Hazel O'Hara from Dickens Class Year 1, who designed a fantastic Scarecrow to look after our Meadow. We are very excited to make two scarecrows at our Library Event in February.

Here are the pictures of our 4 finalists. Well done everyone for you entries it was a really tricky deicison to make. 



Week Three

This week we had lots of fun exploring the new areas we have created in our Forest School Meadow. We have now made a seesaw and a very tricky wobbly rope bridge. The children had lots of fun this week challenging themselves to try the new activities and loved working together as a team. It was fantastic to see so much perseverance and team work.





Week Four

Our Faraway tree has been a little bit slippery recently so the children have been thinking of what else they could use the super strong tree trunk for. We have loved building dens using different sizes of sticks and branches to create great shelters for imaginative play. 


Week Five

This week in Forest School Club we explored our lovely meadow area and thought about where we would like to put our Tree Champions Harry and Betty our Forest School Scarecrows.

We are pleased to introduce you to the newest additions to our Forest School family.

The children absolutely loved making them at our School Library Event on Thursday 2nd February. Thank you to everyone who came to support us in our library event, helping us to create the lovely Harry and Betty. 


 Term 2

Week one

This week in Forest School Club we welcomed lots of new faces to our Tuesday session and welcomed back our Monday Forest School group.

We spent our session this week having a big tidy up of the meadow area. The half term brought lots of wind and rain, leaving our meadow area in a bit of a mess. We read the children the story Tidy By Emily Gravett, to explain to them how to tidy up a Forest so that the animals still have their lovely habitats.

This story left the children feeling very inspired, they spent time creating new, cosy habitats for the animals and insects that live in our meadow area.


Week two

Having finished Forest School last term with a bird watching adventure we thought it was time to get creative and make our own birds for forest school. We used pine cones, cotton wool, googly eyes and pipe cleaners to create a family of Forest School Birds. We named them meadow birds as they live in the meadow area all year round.

The children loved creating their birds.


 Week three

 This week in Forest School the children continued to create their meadow birds. Some of the children decided they would like to create a habitat for their bird families, so they gathered up lots of cosy materials from the forest such as sticks and leaves and piled them up to make a lovely warm nest. We think the meadow birds will be very happy with their new habitats.



Week four

As Christmas is fast approaching, it is time to start making our Forest School Christmas Decorations for our trees at home. This week we all made a stick reindeer using twigs from the meadow, pipe cleaners to tie them together and googly eyes.

They look fantastic and we are all very pleased with our decorations!





Week five

Since we have started Forest School Club, Hextable have been working towards our Green Tree Schools Award. You will be very pleased to know that so far we have earned both our Bronze and Silver Awards. Our next aim is to go for Gold.


This week in Forest School Club we are going to be designing Tree Champions. These are characters that support keeping our trees safe and the meadow area in tip top condition. We are going to vote for the best one and then after Christmas we will make  our tree champion using natural resources from our outdoor learning environment.


Week six

 There is no Forest School Club this week as it is the last week of term. The Forest School Club Team would like to say a BIG thank you for all of your support. We hope that you have a lovely Christmas and we wish you all a very happy new year!




Term 1

The children have loved exploring the meadow area and our school's outdoor environment this term in Forest School. We have had so much fun! All of us are really looking forward to what Term 2 has in store for us and all of the new discoveries we will make as Autumn and Winter creep up on us!



Week one

Our first Forest School session was lots of fun, we explored the meadow area and decided on all of the things we would like to do at Forest School Club. We thought about how we could make the Meadow Area even more inviting.

The children decided that they would like to build a Bug Hotel and a Mud Kitchen.


Week two

During our second Forest School session we went on a scavenger hunt and looked for different natural objects that would make all of the bugs in Forest School feel safe, cozy and warm. The children gathered things like fallen leaves, sticks, straw and mud ready to add to our Bug Hotel.


We have also loved playing with our new Mud Kitchen that Miss Brett built for us!

We have experimented with lots of delicious ingredients, worked collaboratively and used our imaginations.

Our favorite recipe so far is Erin's leaf spaghetti.

Doesn't it look scrummy?!


Week Three

This week we have been exploring pond life in the Meadow Area.

We were very lucky to find one of the animals that calls our Forest School, home! Mr Frog put on a show of acrobats for the children whilst lazing around in his pond, before hopping into Summer's net to say hello!


Week Four

Now that we are more familiar with the rules of Forest School we have started to explore more and take lots more risks.

The children have learnt how to climb a tree safely with the help and supervision of an adult.

Tree climbing offers the children a safe way to explore risk and challenge in a controlled way.

We have also worked independently to create our very own stick men to use as puppets with the story. 


Week Five 

This week we went on an Autumn walk around the school grounds looking for changes to our natural environment. In Base Camp we discussed what Autumn looks like and how we know that it is Autumn.

The children were able to talk about the changes to the weather, the trees shedding their leaves and the leaves on the ground changing colour.



Week six

 This week in Forest School Club we visited the 'look out' to see what birds like to fly the skies of Hextable. We saw lots of different birds. We saw some pigeons, two gigantic black rooks, a sweet little sparrow and 2 very cheeky magpies. We all thought the magpies were very funny as they looked like they were playing a game of hide and seek with us. It was lots of fun!