Who Are We?

Meet the PTA……

Judianne Sherrell (Chairperson) -  I have 3 children, two of whom are still at Hextable Primary School- Jessica is in year 6 (Curie Class) and Jago is in year 3 (Shakespeare Class). I have been involved with the Friends of Hextable Primary School since Phoebe (13 yrs) my eldest joined the school and have always enjoyed the social, as well as fundraising, aspects of the events and have made lots of good friends.


James and Liz Davie (Treasurers) -  We have a daughter in Year 4 in Mandela class and another daughter in Year 1 in Dickens class. My wife and I were approached by a member of the PTA to ask if we could help out. We decided to help as we knew the PTA do so much for the school and the money they raise will benefit all the children including our girls so much. It is very well run and doesn't take up much of our time and we enjoy doing it.


Catherine Adrianova -My daughter Natalie is in Earhart Class. I joined the PTA to help raise money for the School because I would like my children’s school to have lots of resources to benefit their play and learning. The PTA raises thousands of pounds every year which is all spent on making the School a better place and I’m glad that I can help out for a couple of hours, a few times a year and contribute to that.


Ruth Craib -  I have Hannah in Year 3 (Elizabeth Class) and William in Year 1 (Earhart Class). I joined the PTA in September 2015 and have loved getting involved in the various PTA events over the last year. HPS has a really friendly PTA team and it's great that you can donate as little or as much time as you want.


Lynne Bishop -  I currently have a son in year one in Earhart class and a younger son who will eventually join the school in a few years. I joined the PTA when my son started school as I wanted to be involved with his schooling as much as I could, helping raising funds for the school is so important and will benefit not only my children but all children at the school. I look forward to seeing everyone benefit from our efforts.


Claire Peters -  I currently have a son, Jamie in year one in Churchill class. I asked to join the PTA as I like to be actively involved in my children's schools/nursery. I enjoy all the events that the PTA arrange and we raise a good amount of money which helps the school, which in turn benefits my child.


Tina Garraway -  I have a son in year 1 in Earhart Class. I joined the PTA last year when my son started in Reception. I wasn't sure what to expect but volunteered as I wanted to be involved with raising money to benefit the school and therefore benefit our children. I have really enjoyed being part of all the great events that we have organised throughout the year.


Kelly Duxbury - My son is Harvey Duxbury and will be Yr 1 Churchill class in September.


Mary Saunders - Mary has been deeply involved with PTA for a long time and has 2 children, Georgia is now going into her last year in Curie Class and Cain is in Year 9 at Secondary School.


We have several further members on the committee- Vicky Lester, Lynne Egginton and Emma Arnold.